The Secret Givers Foundation exists to provide love and as-sistance to the poor people of Honduras.  We work  through the hands of Jake and Rashell Shoun, a young missionary couple who live in Tegucigalpa.  Hondu-

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as is the poorest country in Central America. The larg-est income source for Hon-duras is money sent back to families by Hondurans working in the U.S.

      The second largest in-come source for the Hondu-ran economy is financial aid from church groups in the U.S. and Canada. Agriculture, the largest sector of the economy, contributes only 24% of the Gross Domestic Product.

       The unemployment rate

is 12%. Even more serious, the underemployment rate is an add-itional 30%. The number of people living below the poverty line in Honduras is 50%. Widespread malnutrition complicates the popu-lation's fragile health. Poverty and hopelessness contribute to crime, unwed pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, family vio-lence, poor public health, and widespread functional illiteracy.  Honduras is a country in urgent need.

       Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras.  It is home to about 1,000,000 people, well over  half of whom live below the

poverty level.  Thousands of children live on the streets, while thousands more roam the city’s bar-rios offering various items for sale to support their families.  Honduran parents try hard to keep their child-ren from “’bajo del sol”

(working in the sun), as they call this occupation, but often do not succeed.

      Politicians, philanthro-pists, sociologists: they all have a lot of big words, de-scribing big plans to solve the big problems of the

world. Big plans take big money, big clout and lots of time. The Secret Givers Foundation sees the little things. We help the hungry child in the street; the sick mother who cannot buy medicine for her children; the crippled father who can only beg at his doorstep. You can help us combat the world’s poverty one person at a time.

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